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What is Postreel?

Postreel is a free, LIVE social media app that allows you to find real people and have real one-to-one conversations, in real time. Express yourself and interests, and discover and connect with others who may share them, through sharing posts, photos, videos, and personal one-on-one chats in REAL-TIME.

Post on the Live Reel

Post on the ‘LIVE REEL’, and see the latest posts by other live users who are there on Postreel, at that very moment, to connect with you one-on-one.  The world is listening, what will you say?

Connect with people worldwide

You can filter the Live Reel based on geographic locations, and connect with people residing in various countries around the world, from Brazil, to India, to the USA.

Have real conversations on Postreel Messenger 

Postreel Messenger is a ‘Live’ chat service; it will always connect you with people who are available in that moment to chat with you. Getting to know people on Postreel is an easy thing. If you find a post, a person, a hashtag, or a topic that’s interesting to you, start a one-on-one text, audio, or video conversation with that person.  

Keep in touch 

Increase your circle of friends! To make a lasting connection on Postreel and get to know others better, follow users so that you are able to find them and chat with them again on the platform.